Phycocyanin, blue Spirulina, Spirulina extract, natural pigments

Blue Spirulina (also known as phycocyanin, phycocyanin) is extracted from spirulina, soluble in water, with anti-tumor, immune enhancement, anti-inflammatory and other functions. In water will be blue, is a natural blue pigment protein. It is not only a natural colorant, but also a protein supplement for human body.

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Phycocyanin is a natural blue pigment and functional raw material, so it can be used as raw material of food, cosmetics and nutritional health products to avoid the harm of chemical compounds to human body. As a natural pigment, phycocyanin is not only rich in nutrition, but also can be mixed with other natural pigments in different proportions to achieve the coloring effect that other natural pigments cannot achieve.

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Phycocyanin (1)
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Chinese Name 藻蓝蛋白
English name Spirulina extract, Phycocyanin, blue Spirulina
Source Spirulina
Appearance Blue powder, slightly seaweed smell, soluble in water, fluorescent under light
Specifications E3、E6、E10、E18、E25、E30、M16
Mixed ingredients Trehalose, Sodium citrate etc.
Applications used as natural pigment and functional raw material in food and beverage
HS Code 1302199099
EINECS 234-248-8
CAS NO 11016-15-2

Phycocyanin is the extract of Spirulina platensis. It is extracted by concentration, centrifugation, filtration and isothermal extraction. Only water is added in the whole process. It is a very safe natural blue pigment and a functional raw material with rich nutrition.

Phycocyanin is one of the few plant proteins in nature, which is in line with the current popular trend of plant base, plant protein, clean label and so on. Phycocyanin is rich in high quality protein γ- Linolenic acid, the fatty acid, and the eight kinds of amino acids needed by human body are the micronutrients which are easier to recognize and absorb by human body. It has high nutritional value, so it is known as "Food Diamond".

Phycocyanin is usually a blue particle or powder, which belongs to protein binding pigment, so it has the same properties as protein, and its isoelectric point is 3.4. Soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol and oil. It is unstable to heat, light and acid. It is stable in weak acidity and neutral (pH 4.5 ~ 8), precipitates in acidity (pH 4.2), and decolorizes in strong alkali.

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