• 20</span> Million<sup>+</sup>
    20 Million+ 20 square kilometers planting base
  • 25</span> <sup>+</sup>
    25 + 25+ industry experience
  • 8000</span><sup>+</sup>
    8000+ 80,000 ㎡ factory
  • 2000</span> <sup>+</sup>
    2000 + 20,000 tons Annual Output

about us

Company Profile

Since 1995, Drotrong Chinese Herb Biotech Co., Ltd. has been engaged in building a whole industry chain of Chinese herbs, which including Chinese herbs seedling, planting, primary processing, deep processing, herbal extracting and trading.

With the development of our company, we have established planting base and production base of Chinese herbs. For the planting base, we have Epimedium, Cortex Phellodendri, Polygonatum Sibiricum, Saussurea Costus and so on, which covers more than 20 million square meters. For the production base, we have two primary processing factories and one herbal extraction factory which cover over 60,000 square meters. We plan to build a new herbal extraction factory and health care products factory within three years.


Planting base & Factory

20 Million Square Meters Planting Base & 80,000 ㎡ factory
  • Epimedium seedling

    Epimedium seedling

  • Extracting


  • Laboratory


  • Production workshop

    Production workshop

  • Extracting


  • Workshop



Droherb operates in full compliance with GACP regulations, and attaches high importance to the construction of quality system, regarding quality as life, and implements standards strictly to maintain high quality. Yet we have passed certification for GMP, FDA, ISO9001, Kosher, Halal and food production licenses(SC).
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Featured Products


application industry

Health Care Products

Health Care Products

Nowadays, people pay much attention to their health, thus, more and more health care products are favored by people.Drotrong offers the best quality herbs and extract as raw materials for health care products. Our raw material are safe, natural with reasonable price.
Hospital and Drug Store

Hospital and Drug Store

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a form of therapy that originated thousands of years ago in China. Often referred to as "TCM," and practitioners use herbs to prevent or treat health problems. Drotrong Chinese herbs are widely used in hospital and drug store, 100% nature without pollution, which is the best choice for your market with factory direct price.


Use of herbal feed additive is gaining importance in animal production due to ban on use of certain antibiotics, harmful residual effects and cost effectiveness. Drotrong has many herbs and extract which can be used for herbal feed additives.


Many pharmaceutical factories adopt Chinese herbs or herbal extract as their raw materials. Drotrong has planting base, herbal processing factory and herbal extrat factory. From herbal raw material to herbal extract, we can provide you OEM service which can save your time and money.


Now that the beauty market is flooded with herbal cosmetics. People choose herbal cosmetics because they are safe, good for all skin types and free from side-effects. Drotrong Chinese herbs and extract can be used in herbal cosmetic industry.


  • “We are purchasing regularly herbs and other few extracts, The goods were delivered in-time and packing was done in highly professional way. After sales service is excellent. Myself and my clients are highly satisfied”

    Alina Matejka
    (Purchasing Manager)
  • “The quality of Droherb product is very competitive on the market, they gave us a lot of support when we were developing new products, nice choice for everyone”

    Dr. Jeff Golini
    (R&D Team)
  • “Droherb is the best of my suppliers, with good quality and service”

    Trung T Tieu
    (Department Head)
  • “Five years of cooperation, it is a very professional factory among the factories we visited on the spot”

    Abdelrahman Abdalla

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