Maca is native to the Andes mountains of South America with an altitude of 3500-4500 meters. It is mainly distributed in Puno ecological area in central Peru and Puno city in Southeast Peru. It is a plant of the genus Lepidium meyenii in Cruciferae. At present, the largest producing area of Maca is located in Yunnan, China.


Maca is an indispensable food for Peruvians. Maca is also called Andean ginseng. According to records, Maca was planted in the Andean plateau with poor natural environment 2000 years ago. After Maca was spread to Peru, it experienced the Inca Empire and was carefully planted as the most valuable food material, which has been handed down to the present day.

Maca is widely valued by people. In the early 1990s, researchers found this plant when looking for a substitute for "Viagra". It has a significant effect on improving sexual function, making Maca a new star in international health food and medicine.

1.The efficacy of Maca

(1) relieve male climacteric syndrome, improve sexual function and fertility

(2) to alleviate female climacteric syndrome

(3) anti-oxidation, anti-aging

(4) maimeng health doctor found that Maka can improve sub-health status.

(5) enhance brain nutrition.

2.How to use Maca

There are many ways to eat macadamia nuts. In Peru and Bolivia, Inca people often cook, grind and swallow macadamia nuts, or bake Macadamia cookies with flour. In other words, macadamia nuts can be eaten in many ways, such as soup and wine, with a ratio of 1:10. 1: 20 is just right. You can mix the flour with honey or add it to the desserts. You can also chew the Maca  nuts directly.


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