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Mulberry tea is a super tea that’s worth mulling over! Our dried mulberries have a naturally sweet flavor with no added sugar. They provide unusually high levels of protein and iron for a fruit, and are also a rich source of vitamin C, fiber, calcium, and antioxidants. All-natural dried mulberries are delicious as a snack, or mixed in yogurt, smoothies,make tea and more.

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Product name Mulberry tea
Specialty Health Tea
MOQ 1 kg
Processing Fresh, Raw, Dried
Material Dried Mulberries
Appearance Black
Purity 100% and no Additive
Shelf life 24 months
Storage Keep dry and cool place
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1.Mulberry tea can help fight cancer

2.Mulberry tea can promote weight Loss

3.Mulberry tea can decrease cholesterol levels

4.Mulberry tea can protect liver health

5.Mulberry tea can stabilize blood sugar levels, and fight diabetes


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