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The Red Jujube Date, also known simply as Jujube (pronounced ju-ju-bee), is the dried ripe fruit of the Chinese Jujube tree (Zizyphus jujuba).The Jujube Date is a powerful Qi tonic and provides excellent energy. This major tonic fruit is widely used in Chinese herbalism in combination with other herbs, such as Ginseng and/or Astragalus, to enhance their Qi-building capacity. Red Jujube date nourishes the blood, soothes the mind, and builds and strengthens muscle.

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Product name Red dates tea
Specialty Health Tea
MOQ 1 kg
Processing Fresh, Raw, Dried
Material Dried red date jujube
Appearance Red
Purity 100% and no Additive
Shelf life 24 months
Storage Keep dry and cool place
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how to brew
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1.Red dates tea is rich in antioxidants

2.Red dates tea may improve sleep and brain function

3.Red dates tea may boost immunity and fight cancer cells

4.Red dates tea may improve digestion


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