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Lotus leaf tea is made is by harvesting the leaves in summertime or autumn. This is done when quality is best and then people will dry them thoroughly in the sun. Asians have been making this tea for hundreds of years and lotus leaf is a known medicine there that has many health benefits. These include regulating blood sugar levels, reducing stress, lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, and it improves digestion and mood.

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Product name Lotus leaf tea
Specialty Health Tea
MOQ 1 kg
Processing Fresh, Raw, Dried
Material Dried lotus leaf
Appearance Green
Purity 100% and no Additive
Shelf life 24 months
Storage Keep dry and cool place
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how to brew
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1.Lotus leaf tea helps with losing weight

2.Lotus leaf tea helps digestion

3.Lotus leaf tea cuts stress

4.Lotus leaf tea protects from cardiovascular disease

5.Lotus leaf tea regulates blood sugar levels

6.Lotus leaf tea improves blood circulation

7.Lotus leaf tea is beneficial for pregnant women since it contains zinc.

8.Lotus leaf tea is great for the skin


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