Chinese herbs cordyceps fungus dong chong xia cao caterpillar fungus

Cordyceps Fungus (虫草, yarsha gumba, worm grass, chong cao, cordyceps herb, summer grass winter worm)is a type of medicinal mushroom said to offer antioxidantand anti-inflammatory benefits. Long used in traditional Chinese medicine, cordyceps is available in the United States as a dietary supplement.

Tonifying the lung and kidney, hemostasis and resolving phlegm. It is used for chronic cough, asthenia and asthma, cough and hemoptysis, impotence, spermatorrhea and sore waist and knee.

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What is Cordyceps Fungus?

Cordyceps Fungus is the dry complex of cordyceps cordyceps parasitic on the larva and larval carcass of the bat moth insect. It's a kind of herb with 40-50 cm. The rhizome is transverse, fleshy, hypertrophic, and gives rise to fibrous fibrous roots on the nodes. Cordyceps Fungus is mainly produced in Sichuan, Qinghai, Tibet, Yunnan, Gansu, other provinces and regions. It is distributed in the alpine meadow area with an altitude of 3000-4500m .

Active ingredients

(1)Imidaclothiz, cordycepin;


(3)Vitamin B12, ergosterol, hexacitol

Product Description

Chinese Name 虫草
Pin Yin Name Dong Chong Xia Cao
English Name  Cordycepes / Caterpillar fungus
Latin Name Cordyceps
Botanical Name Cordyceps sinensis (Berk.) Sacc
Other name yarsha gumba, worm grass, chong cao, cordyceps herb, summer grass winter worm
Appearance Orange whole organism (intact)
Smell and Taste Slight raw meat smell, slightly bitter
Specification Whole, slices, powder (We can also extract if you need)
Part Used Whole organism
Shelf life 2 Years
Storage Store in cool and dry places, keep away from strong light
Shipment By Sea, Air, Express, Train

Cordyceps Fungus Benefits

1. Cordyceps Fungus can tonify kidney yang and nourish kidney essence;

2. Cordyceps Fungus can tonify lung qi and stop bleeding;

3. Cordyceps Fungus can resolve phlegm and relieve cough and dyspnea;

4. Cordyceps Fungus can ease chronic coughs or coughs with blood;

5. Cordyceps Fungus can relieve symptoms of premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, weak knees and sore lower back.

Other benefits

(1) Cordycepin is mostly used in the clinic as an adjuvant treatment for malignant tumors

(2) Significant efficacy against chronic bronchitis and pulmonary derived heart disease in the elderly.

(3) Elevate leukocyte and platelet numbers.

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