Herbal medicine Chinese coptis chinensis huang lian rhizoma coptidis

Coptis Chinensis (黄连, huang lian, coptis rhizome, Chinese goldthread, coptidis)is native to Asia and North America. It is collected in autumn. It needs to remove its fibrous roots and dirt attached and dried. Coptis Chinensis covers four meridians of heart, liver, stomach and large intestine.

Clearing away heat and dampness, purging fire and detoxifying. For damp heat, fullness, vomiting, acid swallowing, diarrhea, jaundice, high fever, dizziness, hyperactivity of heart fire, restlessness, blood heat, vomiting, red eyes, toothache, thirst elimination, carbuncle, swelling and sore; External treatment of eczema, wet sores, ear canal pus. Jiuhuanglian is good at clearing and burning.

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What is Coptis Chinensis?

Coptis chinensis is wild or cultivated in valleys with elevation of 1000-1900m in cool wet shade dense forests. It’s very bitter, there is a saying cloud "dumb eat coptis, bitter can not say", that is to say the taste. Coptis coptidis has effects on heat-clearing, detoxification and anti-inflammatory, and has an inhibitory effect on Escherichia coli. Coptis coptidis can be soaked water to drink, but the people who are spleen and stomach deficiency cold should not be taken, because it is bitter cold products. Coptis can have anti-inflammatory effect, but also can clear heat. But if you are weak spleen and stomach, it is best not to eat good.

Active ingredients


(2)Ferulic acid,

(3)chlorogenic acid

Product Description

Chinese Name 黄连
Pin Yin Name Huang Lian
English Name Coptis Chinensis
Latin Name Rhizoma Coptidis
Botanical Name Coptis chinensis Franch.
Other name huang lian, coptis rhizome, Chinese goldthread, coptidis, Rhizoma Coptidis
Appearance Brown root
Smell and Taste Slight smell, extremely bitter
Specification Whole, slices, powder (We can also extract if you need)
Type Root
Shelf life 2 Years
Storage Store in cool and dry places, keep away from strong light
Shipment By sea, Air, Express, Train

Coptis Chinensis Benefits

1. Coptis Chinensis can clear heat-fire and eliminate dampness;

2. Coptis Chinensis can relieve internal heat;

3. Coptis Chinensis can purge fire and relieve toxicity.

Other Benefits

(1)Vasodilatory effects

(2)Protective effect against gastric mucosal injury and ulceration

(3)Inhibition of thrombus formation Inhibition of platelet aggregation

(4)Inhibition of the central nervous system


1.The people who are spleen and stomach deficiency cold should not take Coptis;
2.Children with unsound spleen and stomach function should not take Coptis blindly.

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