Pure dried herb fruit hawthorn berry shan zha Fructus Crataegi

Hawthorn Berry (山楂, shan zha, crataegus, red hawthorn, dried hawthorn fruit)is used for relieving food stagnation, especially meat indigestion. It improves digestion and is said to be an effective heart tonic. Experiments have shown that it lowers blood pressure and serum cholesterol levels and is useful in the prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis.

Crataegus pinnatifida Bge. var.major N.E.Br. Or Crataegus pinnatifida Bge Dry ripe fruit. The fruit is harvested when it is ripe in autumn, sliced and dried.

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What is Hawthorn Berry?

Hawthorn is a common fruit, but it is also a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, both food therapy and medicinal functions. Dried hawthorn slices can be used as Chinese medicinal materials. Chinese traditional medicine hawthorn is warm, sweet and acid. Dire hawthorn has effects on such as digestion, activating blood, change stasis, drive insect.

Product Description

Chinese Name 山楂
Pin Yin Name Shan Zha
English Name Hawthorn fruit
Latin Name Fructus Crataegi
Botanical Name Crataegus pinnatifida Bunge
Other name shan zha, crataegus, red hawthorn, dried hawthorn fruit
Appearance Red fruit
Smell and Taste Sour, Sweet
Specification Whole, slices, powder (We can also extract if you need)
Part Used Fruit
Shelf life 2 Years
Storage Store in cool and dry places, keep away from strong light
Shipment By Sea, Air, Express, Train

Hawthorn Berry Benefits

1. Hawthorn Berry relieves menstrual pain;

2. Hawthorn Berry relieves stomach or colic pain;

3. Hawthorn Berry helps remove blood stasis;

4. Hawthorn Berry eases indigestion and stomach discomfort due to intake of oily and rich foods.  


1.Hawthorn Berry is not suitable for people who are weak spleen and stomach.
2.Hawthorn Berry is not suiable for people who has gastric disease.
3.People cannot eat hawthorn berry when you are empty stomach , especially the person with much stomach acid, after dinner 1 hour edible meeting is more appropriate.

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