Our company's herbal granule workshop started trial production, which means that Astragalus, forsythia, bupleurum and other genuine medicinal materials will be processed into herbal pieces and formula granules in our own production line in the future, and will go to the national market. Traditional Chinese medicine formula granule is one of the important products of future enterprises. The product is currently being tested, called silver Bupleurum granule, which is to extract, concentrate, spray and dry the traditional Chinese medicine raw materials, and then make granules, so that Chinese herbal medicine is as convenient and effective as drinking coffee.

The five characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules successfully avoid the undesirable disadvantages of traditional Chinese medicine:

(1)There is no need to decoct, when taking warm boiled water, it can be made into granules (eliminating the trouble of traditional Chinese medicine decocting).

(2)The dosage of different specifications can be finely packed, and the concentration can be adjusted according to personal taste; The concentration process is adopted, and the dosage is small and refined.

(3)Convenient storage and transportation, easy to carry and save.

(4)Safety and health, moisture-proof and moth proof, long shelf life, clear printing of drug name and clean and hygienic formula are conducive to strengthening the management of traditional Chinese medicine (composite aluminum foil packaging solves the shortcomings of short shelf life of traditional Chinese medicine and easy damp and moth eaten pieces of traditional Chinese Medicine).

Compared with traditional Chinese medicine, formula granule is more suitable for the modern fast-paced lifestyle and the simple life attitude.


Post time: May-13-2021

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