Efficacy and function of Radix Aucklandiae

Radix Aucklandiae, also known as Costus(云木香, saussurea lappa, saussurea costus, Mu Xiang, costustoot), is a kind of Compositae plant. Radix Aucklandiae is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine. Now let's understand the efficacy and function of it.


 1. Radix Aucklandiae is usually made from the dry roots of Radix Aucklandiae. Generally in autumn when digging, first to small roots after cleaning and then drying. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is thought that Radix Aucklandiae is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine with slight fragrance, but its taste is bitter. It will stick to teeth when eating. Radix Aucklandiae is warm.

2. In traditional Chinese medicine, Radix Aucklandiae has a good effect of promoting qi and relieving pain. It is generally used to treat abdominal distension and pain, bowel sounds and diarrhea. It can also be used to treat the diseases of internal urgency and two flanks discomfort, as well as liver and gallbladder pain.

3. The dosage of Radix Aucklandiae is 3 ~ 9g. It must be used under the guidance of doctors. It is best to keep Radix Aucklandiae in some dry and cold places.

4. Radix Aucklandiae can also be used for food therapy. It can be made into dried citrus peel radix Aucklandiae roast meat, which needs 3 grams of dried citrus peel and Radix Aucklandiae, and 200 grams of lean pork. First, make the tangerine peel and Radix Aucklandiae into powder, add oil and stir fry until hot, then add water to cook. It's a good effect. It's also good for abdominal pain during pregnancy.


Post time: Jul-19-2021

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