Medical herb dried radix salviae miltiorrhizae dan shen red sage

Salvia Root (丹参, Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae, Dan Shen, Red sage, Chi Shen, Zi Dan Shen, Danshen Root)removes blood stasis to ease pain, promote blood circulation to stimulate the menstrual flow, clear away the heart-fire to relieve restlessness.

Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge Dry roots and rhizomes of. Excavate in spring and autumn to remove sediment and dry.

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What is Salvia Root ?

Salvia Root is a kind of Chinese traditional medicinal herbs. Salvia Root has the effect of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis. It often drinks water and has the effect of obstruction of blood vessels. Salvia Root is mainly produced in Sichuan, Anhui, Jiangsu, Hebei, Shandong and other places.

Product Description

Chinese Name 丹参
Pin Yin Name Dan Shen
English Name Salvia root
Latin Name Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae
Botanical Name  Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge
Other name Red sage, Chi Shen, Zi Dan Shen, Danshen Root
Appearance Thick and purplish red
Smell and Taste Light smell, lightly bitter and astringent taste
Specification Whole, slices, powder (We can also extract if you need)
Part Used Root and rhizome
Shelf life 2 Years
Storage Store in cool and dry places, keep away from strong light
Shipment By Sea, Air, Express, Train

Salvia root Benefits

1.Salvia root can help to regulate the menstrual cycle and eases painful periods or pain experienced after delivery.

2.Salvia root can help to ease discomfort experienced in the heart and abdominal regions.


1.Salvia root is not suitable for people who are easily to be allergic.
2.Salvia root is not suitable for the pregnant.
3.Salvia miltiorrhiza should not be mixed with other drugs in the same container.
4.Salvia miltiorrhiza can not be taken for a long time, long-term use will stimulate the stomach and intestines, will cause different degrees of acid reflux and other symptoms.

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