Semen plantaginis che qian zi plantain seed

Plantain Seed (车前子, che qian zi, plantago ovata, semen plantaginis, plantago asiatica seed)is often grown as a medicinal herb. This herb seed has been grown since the 1500s and treasured for its healing properties.

Heat diuresis, moistening and drenching, brightening eyes and eliminating phlegm. For edema and fullness, heat drenching, astringent pain, diarrhea due to heat and dampness, red eyes, swelling and pain, phlegm heat and cough.

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What is Plantain Seed?

Plantain Seed is the plant of Plantago family, which is the dry and mature seed of Plantago, thus, called Plantain Seed. Plantain Seed is a sweet, slightly cold. Plantain Seed is not only into the liver, kidney, lung, but also the small intestine. Plantain Seed has effects on heat diuretic. In addition, plantain seed can make eyes bright. Plantain Seeds are also used for the treatment of cough caused by phlegm heat, vomiting yellow phlegm and other diseases. Plantain Seed should be fried in packets and boiled in bags.

Product Description

Chinese Name 车前子
Pin Yin Name Che Qian Zi
English Name Plantain Seed
Latin Name Semen Plantaginis
Botanical Name 1. Plantago asiatica L.;2. Plantago depressa Willd.
Other name che qian zi, plantago ovata, psyllium, plantago ovata seeds
Appearance Brown seed
Smell and Taste Slight in smell, bland in taste
Specification Whole, slices, powder (We can also extract if you need)
Part Used Seed
Shelf life 2 Years
Storage Store in cool and dry places, keep away from strong light
Shipment By Sea, Air, Express, Train

Plantain Seed Benefits

1. Plantain Seed can induce diuresis to relieve stranguria;

2. Plantain Seed can drain dampness to check diarrhea;

3. Plantain Seed can clear liver-fire to improve vision and clear lung heat and resolve phlegm.


1.Plantain Seed is not suitable for people with deficiency of kidney and cold body.
2.Plantain Seed can not be used too much.

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