China's Wolfberry export to the European Union made a new breakthrough

On June 24, Chinese customs said that the European Commission recently announced the lifting of the 20% entry sampling rate of Lycium barbarum exported from China to the European Union, which means that the normal export of Chinese Lycium barbarum to the European Union will be resumed, which will greatly improve the customs clearance efficiency of Chinese Lycium barbarum exported to Europe, reduce the testing cost and storage cost of enterprises, and help the smooth export of Chinese Lycium barbarum barbarum to the European Union.

It is reported that in October 2019, EU officials implemented stricter inspection measures to increase the sampling frequency of dried fruit of Chinese wolfberry to 20%. Ningxia, as the hometown of Chinese wolfberry, has always been the main export area of Chinese wolfberry. According to local enterprises, due to the strengthening of EU inspection measures, the customs clearance time of Lycium barbarum dried fruit has been extended by about 10 days, and the inspection cost and storage cost have increased.

Under this influence, the export of Lycium barbarum in Ningxia has been decreasing. According to the statistics of Yinchuan customs, in 2020, Ningxia Lycium barbarum fruit exports 2552.5 tons to the European Union, with a value of 22.466 million US dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 21.2% and 18.9% respectively. Therefore, the General Administration of Customs attaches great importance to it and actively negotiates with the European Union to urge the European Union to make a reasonable assessment on the sampling inspection of Lycium barbarum fruits.

At the same time, Ningxia authorities and Yinchuan customs also strengthened the quality inspection and supervision of wolfberry, urging enterprises to strengthen food safety. Since 2020, taking advantage of the technical advantages of the National Key Laboratory of Lycium barbarum detection of Yinchuan customs, Yinchuan customs has completed the detection of 1710 batches of samples of soil, water quality, chemical fertilizer and Lycium barbarum products in the main Lycium barbarum production area of Zhongning County in Ningxia, providing technical support for enterprises and local governments to improve the quality and safety level of Lycium barbarum industry. At the same time, the investigation of harmful substances in Lycium barbarum samples from Ningxia, Qinghai, Gansu and other main production areas has effectively promoted the improvement of the quality and safety level of Lycium barbarum and its products.

Yinchuan customs official said that at present, Lycium barbarum has resumed normal export to the European Union. With the help of the recently opened fourth Lycium barbarum Industry Expo, the export share of Ningxia Lycium barbarum will continue to increase this year. Yinchuan customs will cooperate with the General Administration of Customs to continue to carry out consultations with the European Union on the sampling inspection of dried fruits of Lycium barbarum, so as to promote the export of Chinese Lycium barbarum products and further promote the high-quality development of Lycium barbarum industry.

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Post time: Jul-10-2021

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