Lophatherum gracile extract powder

Lophatherum gracile extract presents also very good technical features, as it is easy to dissolve in hot water and low-density alcohol with high thermal and water stability, processing flexibility, and high oxidation prevention stability.

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Product Name Lophatherum gracile extract
Specifications Flavone 20% 40% 50%
Appearance Brown powder
Packaging Brown fine powder
MOQ 1kg
Shelf Life 2 year
Storage Store in cool and dry places, keep away from strong light

Test Report

Test report

Function & Application


1.Lophatherum gracile extract can strengthen the immune system, anti-fatigue.

2.Lophatherum gracile extract can increase the meat's safety, improve it's color and keep the water.

3.Lophatherum gracile extract is used in the beverage as the favor, anti-oxidant, sweetener and color.

4.Lophatherum gracile extract has the effect of anti-bacteria, anti-virus, deodorization and increasing aroma.

5.Lophatherum gracile extract can protects the blood vessel of brain and heart, adjust blood lipid, low the blood viscidity.


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