Kudzu root extract isoflavanone CAS 574-12-9

Pueraria extract isoflavanone is a kind of powder extracted from kudzu root. Pueraria, the name of Chinese medicine. It is the dried root of the leguminous plant Kudzu, commonly known as Kudzu.

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Product Name Isoflavanone (Pueraria extract)
Specifications UV/HPLC: isoflavones 40%,80%
Appearance Light Yellow
CAS 574-12-9
Molecular Formula C15H10O2
Packaging Can, Drum, Vacuum packed, Aluminum foil bag
MOQ 1kg
Shelf Life 2 year
Storage Store in cool and dry places, keep away from strong light

Test Report

Test report

Function & Application


1.Pueraria extract isoflavanone can supplement female estrogen supplementation.

2.Pueraria extract isoflavanone can shrink smooth muscle.

3.Pueraria extract isoflavanone can increase coronary blood flow.

4.Pueraria extract isoflavanone inhibit platelet agglutination and lower blood sugar.


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