1.Berberine;The new miracle med for lung cancer

As lung cancer is widely recognised as the leading cause of cancer death for men and women, the global scientific community continues to make immense efforts towards finding ways to treat the disease. 

Scientists have found a sign of hope, however. A study that looks at berberine, a natural compound found in plants such as barberry and goldenseal, concludes that this herbal treatment can have a suppressive effect on lung cancer.

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“Berberine has shown therapeutic benefits for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. We were keen to explore its potential in suppressing lung cancer and reducing inflammation,” says lead researcher Dr Kamal Dua, a senior lecturer in Pharmacy at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in Australia.

The study exploring the effect of berberine on non-small cell lung cancer was published in the journal Pharmaceutics. Dua and his colleagues have found that “berberine exhibits potent anticancer activity, suppressing cancer cell growth in vitro,” the news release explains.

The way berberine works to fight cancer was determined by measuring the mRNA levels of tumour-associated genes and protein expression levels. The study discovered that the natural compound boosts tumour suppressor genes and lowers proteins involved in cancer cell migration and proliferation.

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Post time: Jun-10-2022

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