100% natural dried Ginkgo Biloba Seed bai guo

Gingko (白果, Ginkgo Seed, ginkgo nut, ginkgo biloba seeds, Semen Ginkgo)is traditionally used in Chinese medicine for coughing and combating aging. It is also an excellent herbal supplement and antioxidant, which contains rich ingredients like crude protein, crude fat, reducing sugar, nucleoprotein, minerals, crude fiber and multivitamins.

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What is Ginkgo ?

Ginkgo is the dried mature seed of ginkgo biloba tree. In pharmaceutical field, ginkgo has the following effects : first, ginkgo phenols contained in ginkgo biloba have antioxidant effect, which can regulate the cardiovascular system and prevent cardiovascular diseases; second, gingko acid has antibacterial effect and can play a bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect, which also be used in the treatment of respiratory infectious diseases; third, Ginkgo has the effect on relieving cough and relieving cough, and can be used to treat cough and asthma of lung diseases. The fourth, Ginkgo has functions of reducing defecate and treating loose sex seminal emission. 

Product Description

Chinese Name 白果
Pin Yin Name Bai Guo
English Name Ginkgo Seed
Latin Name Semen Ginkgo
Botanical Name Ginkgo biloba L.
Other name Ginkgo Seed, ginkgo nut, ginkgo biloba seeds, Semen Ginkgo
Appearance Yellow seed
Smell and Taste No bad smell, slightly sweet and bitter taste
Specification Whole, powder (We can also extract if you need)
Part Used Seed
Shelf life 2 Years
Storage Store in cool and dry places, keep away from strong light
Shipment By Sea, Air, Express, Train

Ginkgo Benefits

1. Ginkgo consolidates the lungs and stops wheezing;

2. Ginkgo clears damp and astringes to stop leakage;

3. Ginkgo can move the blood and promote circulation;

4. Ginkgo can relieve respiratory discomforts;

5. Ginkgo can regulate changes in vaginal and seminal discharge.


1.Ginkgo can not be used too much.

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